Saturday, January 31, 2009

Presenting: ALL THE WAY LIVE!

Drizzy said today's been a bit sluggish...Well allow me [Wonda] to pick up the pace a bit with a new segment I'd like to call 'All the Way Live' tracks are great...but there is nothing like a live get to hear all the emotion/feeling and creativity the artist really wants you to experience...and a lot of times you will find yourself favoring the live version over the studio one...
NOW we all know no one does a live show like our boy Mr. Martin Louis the King Jr., so here are a couple live CDQ tracks from the Virgin Mobile Festival 2008...Yeezy breaks us off with a new verse at the end of "All Falls Down", and a freestyle through "Flashing Lights" that has remnants of Pinnochio Story in should will love 'em...


     Here is a live freestyle version of "I Wonder" off of Graduation, now it isn't CDQ but it's still nice, it's basically the same quality as Pinnochio Story...

Double Bonus:
    Damnit, why not give you the live CDQ version of "Heartless" performed on SNL where he mixed in a lil' bit of Pinnochio Story at the end...i don't know why people were hatin' on this...i thought it was AMAZING...i mean c'mon y'all, listen to the guitars...they are EPIC



Besides the Lil Wayne mixtape and a couple joints here and there today's been a pretty slow day. So keeping with the mood I'm givin' yall a few slow jams that you should enjoy. *Warning* Some of these may be before your time, but you should definitely add them to your collection.
*sidebar: listen to "Piece Of My Love" at the :45 second mark, I swear he says dumb b*tch

Grab 'em here:
Piece Of My Love by Guy
Kissing You by Total
Deep by Blackstreet
Where You Are (Is Where I Wanna Be) (Part 2) by Donell Jones

*Let me know if yall like these little mixes, I'm gonna be posting them from time to time. There will be a new theme for every mix*


Well for all of you Wayne fans out there here is the much leaked and much anticipated mixtape "Hottest Nigga Under the Sun"
It features some 20 something songs...some new some have been leaked and some are somewhat old..but wayne definity is the hardest working MC in the game by far...keep it locked

Shouts out to Buck Marley

Cop the whole Tape here:

Girl Let's Get Away...

Tyga has been puttin' some quality music out lately. Assisted by Lloyd this is a feel good track right here, put this on in your car and just cruise. I highly recommend this song for anybody who's on the fence like Mr. Feeny (shout out to Drake lol) when it comes to Tyga. This should help change your mind.

Grab it here:
Get Away

I Gotcha (Grammy Blend)...

Since I'm in love with blends I couldn't help but posting this. It features Lupe Fiasco's "I Gotcha" and Sara Bareilles' "Love Song". It's off Mick Boogie & Terry Urban's new mixtape.
Check it out and enjoy.

Shouts to Terry Urban

Grab it here:
I Got A Love Song

New Ish From Bankhead's Finest...

Two new joints from T.I., its off the new Trapaholics mixtape, Trap Music 7.0, which is out now. Check 'em out and let me know what you think (pardon the DJ drops). I'm likin' "Better Than This" right now.

Shouts to HipHop-N-More

Grab 'em here:
Better Than This
Feeling You

What Up Yall?

Told yall we don't just post hip-hop and r&b exclusives. This is a new joint by Crookers. This is some other-worldly techno type ish. The beat is mesmerizing and I've never been to a rave before, but it feels like it after I listened to this lol. So just give it a couple listens and hopefully you'll see what I mean.

Shouts to PrettyMuchAmazing

Grab it here:
What Up Y'all?

You may have heard of Lykke Li, you may not have. If not then like Clinton Sparks says, "Get Familiar". She has a real distinct voice and some really good songs. This is that smooth zone out type music right here. If you aren't feeling that Crookers joint, but are into alternative, far-left type music you should definitely be feelin' this.

Grab it here:
Tonight (Alternate Version)

Here is the original version also, I'm not sure which one I like better. I'm leanin' towards this one
>>> Tonight (Original Version)

Be sure to get her album Youth Novels in stores now

Hopped Up Out The Bedddd...

Good morning e-world and all of the ResonantDreams team, start your day off right with this new joint by F-A-B talkin' that swag ish. Punchlines are on point as usual. "This is how you start a verse, you shout out them cowards 1st, Niggas start they day off hatin', damn take a shower 1st" Nobody's really messin' wit' Fab on wordplay. He does take a lil shot at bloggers, its all good tho cuz we do this for the love of music, nothing else. Check it out and enjoy.

Shouts to 2dopeboyz

Grab it here:
Turn My Swag On (Remix)

It's 4:05a.m. and i was phenin' for some Chicken Teriyaki???

Man, i know we jus' told y'all goodnight but GOOD music NEVER sleeps, here is some new Teriyaki Boyz.  It's a track called "Sweet Girl" and it's supposedly off of their upcoming album titled "Serious Japanese"...and get this's produced by our favorite 5 feet pimpin' man himself, Jermaine Dupri! Now what's not to love about that?!?!

Sidebar: i usually don't like songs where i don't understand ALL the words but this track is too smooth...i'm feelin this vibe maaaaaaaaaaaan....!


Goodnight everybody, just wanted to say thanks to all of those who've visited the blog and thanks to my team for all of the help. I really appreciate it. We're on the verge of something big and today was just a stepping stone. We'll be back in a couple hours to give yall more of that good music but for now let this classic seep through your brain.

Grab it here:
Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day

We Roc The Mic Right

New Bow Wow, in case you didn't know he stepped his game up this year. This time he spits over his own song, Roc The Mic. Personally I think this is better than the original. Check it out and let me know what you think. Also be on the lookout for New Jack City Pt. II

Shouts to Splash

Grab it here:
Roc The Mic (Remix)

2008 in 4 minutes 31 seconds

DJ Earworm decided to take the top 25 hits of 2008 according to Billboard and put them over ColdPlay's "Viva La Vida"...and what happened you ask??? Musical BLISS!

check it out


"My name is Weezy, I'm almost perfect and I work harder than the hardworking", by the way things are looking I can't argue with that statement (just the hardworking part lol). This dude lives in the studio. Enjoy this lil goodie from his new mixtape Hottest N**ga Under The Sun.

Shouts to Kingz

Grab it here:


Here is some new Lil Wayne off the Rebirth titled Amazing Love...Listen and Enjoy..Remember where you heard it first..

Friday, January 30, 2009

We Party Day 'N Nite

1st of all look at this pic lol. 2nd of all, if you know me then you know I'm a sucker for blends, so I'll be hitting you with some of my favorite blends from time to time. I'll start with one that is somewhat recent. This one features Jigga and KiD CuDi. Enjoy.

Grab it here:
Party Day 'N Nite

Another blend featuring Coldplay and the Martian. This blend utilizes the Viva La Vida instrumental, which in my opinion is one of the most amazing instrumentals out there.

Grab it here:
Viva La Milli

*Shout outs to Terry Urban for these two blends*

Got Me Gone...

You might have to let this one breathe a lil bit, but this joint goes hard. Its about that special lady named Mary Jane. Its by Ace Boon Coon and assisted by Ricky Ross & Young Dro. Young Dro goes in as usual. Check out his verse at the end, his flow is stoopid (shout outs to Gucci lol).

Props to Splash

Grab it here:
Fruity (Got Me Gone)


Here is a nice track by Jim Jones and its called "Pray IV Rain"..the track is off his upcoming album coming out on the 24th of March...Enjoy

Shouts out to Young Kings

Cop it here:


Here is a really smooth track titled "Smiling" by Alchemist and it features Twista and the classic singer Maxwell..Where has Maxwell been???Lol word is that he is working on a new album and I'm sure the ladies are waiting for that...enjoy the track

Shouts out to Young Kingz

Cop it here:


New Weezy..All these tracks are off the "Hottest Nigga Under the Sun" mixtape..To be honest, the first two are pretty iffy in my opinion but "Not Love" is a good track..Weezy is going pretty hard right now and the Weezy fans arent complaining..Keep it locked

Shouts to NMC

Cop em here:


Here is a hot new track by Ciara and it features Chirs brown...The track is titled "Turntables" and its a nice track..produced by Danja...hope yall enjoy it...

Shouts out to Young Kings

Cop it here:

POP! Art

Yeezy's 808s get's a bit of a face-lift by super composer Max Justus, now truth be told I know a lot of yall prolly thinkin', "who the hell is Max Justus???"...*Shaq Voice* "Don't Worry Bout It!"...jus' zoneOut as Justus uses: distortion-echoes-frequencies-and subtle/rough pitch changes to lay his vision down on 8 tracks from 808s...sideBar: the "Street Lights Rmx" is my favorite, I think it conveys the message/feeling of the song even better than the original (and that's sayin' somethin cuz i luved the original)...

Jus' remember where you heard it first!!!
8 From 808s by Max Justus

Opposite of Subtraction...

Resonant Dreams is pleased to announce another new addition to the team. Wonda will be helping me with posts and other creative ventures that deal with this blog. The blog is starting to gain momentum so I hope yall are ready. We will be supplying you with GOOD music regardless of genre. Enjoy the ride.

Drizzy signing off...

*Update* Every Girl CDQ

Here's the CD quality version of "Every Girl" previously known as "Filet Mignon". Do yourself a favor and download this version instead, the quality is way better

Grab it here:
Every Girl (Lil Wayne f. Drake, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz & Mac Maine)


Here goes a new cut by Fat Joe ft. Akon titled "One"...Hot 97 has been playing this joint for 2 days now

Shouts out to Young Kings


What's Beef?

I told you that wasn't the end of it, here's audio of Rick Ross on Shade45 talking to Angela Yee about 50 Cent and their current beef.

Grab both parts of the convo here:
Part 1
Part 2

Color Me Bad...

Here's a new track by DJ Yoda featuring Lil Wayne, Birdman, Kardinal Offishall, Joe Young, Hunt, Wes Fif & Trae. A couple of the verses I could definitely do without, but all you Weezy fans will love this. It seems like Weezy is back on his ish when it comes to rapping, he's going hard (pause...) in every song I've heard these last couple of days. He does go a lil overboard with the autotune at the end, its still a banger though.

Props to Splash

Grab it here:
Colorful Clothes

I know some of yall just want Weezy's verse so here it is:
Colorful Clothes (Lil Wayne's Verse)


We finally got this blog thing up and runnin and now we not gone stop. We gone make sure you get everything you need from the music world so stay tuned for big things from us three so yall can come along or get left behind, I'm out.



New Additions

I know this blog is just starting out and it prolly has gotten no visitors so far but you gotta start at the bottom if you wanna make it to the top right? Anyway, since I'm gonna be busy with school and sports and won't be able to be online all the time, I'm gonna have a couple of my friends help out. While I'll be running the site, my guy Chuck will be helping out with the posts and my guy Jeff will be handling the more technical aspects of the blog. Hopefully we'll get this site up and running at full speed in no time. So check back here daily for all your music needs. It will have everything from the exclusives, to old songs you might have forgot about and everything in between. Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B will be the focus, but don't be surprised to find all sorts of genres of music here. We don't discriminate and neither should you.

Until next time, Drizzy signing off...

Five-O vs. CO

Fifty responds to Ross's "Mafia Music". Who got the upper hand? You be the judge. I'm sure this won't be the last we'll hear from these two.

Props to ThisIs50

Grab it here:
Officer Ricky (Go Ahead, Try Me)

Just in case you didn't hear Ross's shot at 50 here it is:
Mafia Music

I've got to be...

I am in love with that Unstoppable (Remix) with Drake, Lil Wayne & Santogold. For any rapper out there who feels the same way here goes the instrumental. I made it myself and the transition from the chorus to the verse is a lil shaky. If anybody wants it without the chorus hit me up.

Props to me, myself and I

Grab it here:
Unstoppable (Instrumental)

Just in case you somehow lost or bypassed the remix with Weezy and Drizzy here it is:
Unstoppable (Remix)

Also be on the lookout for Drake's upcoming mixtape titled So Far Gone coming soon

I hear Bad News every Day 'N Nite

The Prince of VA jumps on two tracks, KanYe's "Bad News" and KiD CuDi's "Day 'N Nite"

Looks like '09 is gonna be a big year for Tremaine

Props to YoungKingz

Grab 'em here:
Bad News
Day 'N Nite

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Young $$

Four new joints by Lil Wayne & Co. (aka Young Money)

*For some reason no one noticed that Drake is on "Filet Mignon"
*I think the official name of "Filet Mignon" is "Every Girl", not sure though
*Mac Maine sounds pretty good when he's singing at the end of "Filet Mignon"
*Gudda Gudda and Weezy kill "Young Money Hospital", yea I said Gudda Gudda

Props to NMC

Grab 'em here: