Thursday, April 30, 2009


The EMPIRE "Hits You In the Head" lol with a Mixtape from your Rappa's favorite Rappa


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Calling...Cloud...Number 9...Plz...

I like this picture because amidst all the dark clouds you see that one shinin' cloud and you know that is where hope lies...

This song is by the Village of Slum People...featuring Marshia Ambrosius...
and it it nice as hell

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I saw this dude i donno how long ago at the airport with his son...and it was funny cuz i was jus' starin' at this guy kinda makin' fun of him like look at this ol' lyfe jennings lookin' when he came around i saw the scars on his face and the look in his eye when i realized it was really him...apparently it was after that incident he had with his wife/baby mama or whatever so he was very tentative to fans lookin' at him and stuff so he jus' grabbed his lil' boy and bounced

i donno why i felt the need to share that...but i did

this post really is about a new track from him featurin' LOSO if ya Din't Kno'

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Birthday Sex...yet...again...but I aint' complainin!

especially when i get to post images like THIS

Well, download it yall...and will jus' wait for the next Rmx to drop since everybody on Chi-Towns nuts right now with this song...

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sideBAR: Shake from 2dbz said this is the image that comes up when he types "birthday sex" in likey...

Kinda Like A Big Deal: Pt. 2

It's the Remix Babay with a lil Texas Swine Flu Flava added to it
i must say he fits right in very nicely...

notable lyric: 
(after tellin' someone he'll lay them down like the Swine Flu, Bun spits this:)
"somebody pass me a face mask cuz i ain't trynna catch a late pass from yo' fake ass"

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All the Way Live: Mr. Hudson

Didn't you get my message?
Did i not make myself clear?

this song is called "Instant Messenger" and Mr. Hudson debuted it last month in his hometown of London...

it's supposed to be on his newest album...

jus' listen he background singer singing octaves of "aahhAhhhhAHHHH..."
i absolutely cannot wait for a studio version

sideBAR: the quality is iffy, but the feeling is clear as a can really feel it

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See It:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holy Shit...Where'd You Find This?

Lol at the The Empire's MovieVoice Spokeperson

anyways, here's some new Officer Ricky...
(I happen to still like Officer Ricky, i don't care if he was a cop, U gotta do what U gotta do)

so anyways as i was sayin...Officer Ricky rips this shit
it's short tho, hopefully it's jus' a snippet or somethin'

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I know yall remember Clifford...righ?

Now THAT was one big ass dogg


Playaz Circle enlists the Rapper Eater Little Wayne to try an recreate the success they had with Duffle Bag Dog Boy (okay...yall can tell i'm rusty lol)

do you think they succeeded???

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Troubled Stars...UNITE!

Lol at my title...but yep...that's what seems to be happenin' here as T.I. and Chris Brown get together for a track

Maybe this was in their troubled stars support group (Okay...that was lame)

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Birthday Sex Bandwagon

Man, like Drizzy said...hopefully our fellow Chicagoan,


will start gettin recognition for this hot track...

and it looks like it is finally happenin' cuz 
everybody n' their mama is jumpin on this Bday-Sex Rmx Tip

First i hit you with Stat Quo's version
Then Drizzy hit you with Fab's version
Now i'm back to hit you with Teairra Mari's version

(your turn Drizzy lol)

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I'm Sowry...

Man...i'm sorry yall...i been on this road hoppin' from city to city strugglin to get a decent internet connection to connect with yall...i'm finally back for a homestand so that means i'm back with yall...shouts to Drizzy who been holdin' it down best he can with all them finals he's gotta take...


what's the best way to apologize...
     hit em' with a HOT new Luda mixtape courtesy of Trap-A-holics (weirdest tag voice ever by the way: Trapaholics Bitch! lol)

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unreleased Drake...

Just in case your Drake buzz was dying down, here's an unreleased track that was supposed to be on the Comeback Season mixtape. It's with the group Tanya Morgan and if you didn't know they are dope too. Click here to hear more from Tanya Morgan. Check out the unreleased Drake track below...

Grab It Here:
Right To Left by Drake f. Tanya Morgan

sideBAR: I'm out of school tomorrow so expect the amount of quality, good music to go up 143%, be on the look out for that

Even If You Don't Like Me...

Some new Jeremih for y'all. He's been around Chicago performing this song for a while now and now here's the mp3. I've had this for a couple days now but I haven't checked my email in a looong time, so sorry for not putting it up earlier. This is another nice track by the Chi Town native. Check it out below...

Grab It Here:
My Ride by Jeremih

Monday, April 27, 2009

Them Aliens...

"I'm just tryna mate like a f**kin Australian"

If I said it once, I've said it a thousand times....I like blends. What can I say? My man Eddiez put in work on this one by blending together a lot of Lil Wayne verses and putting them over his own, original beat. Check it out and enjoy...

Grab It Here:
Them Aliens (Eddiez Remix) by Lil Wayne

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Everything You Want...

The Boss hooks up with Usher for a nice lil ditty. This is NOT on his new album, check it out and decide for yourself whether you like it or not...

Grab It Here:
Everything You Want by Rick Ross f. Usher

Now She Wanna Lick Me...

This is another one for all my Cali natives. This song has been out for a lil bit now and it's a banger. My man CharlieHustle put me on this joint and I'm tellin' y'all it goes hard. Check it out and enjoy...

Grab It Here:
Miss Me Kiss Me Lick Me by Cold Flamez

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Sex + Loso...

Everyone in Chicago knows about this track right here, now that Fabolous has jumped on the remix hopefully it will start to spread out across the nation. Fab kills it as usual (it seems like he was made to jump on R&B remixes), check it out and enjoy...

Grab It Here:
Birthday Sex (Remix) by Jeremih f. Fabolous

Friday, April 24, 2009

I Am The Magic Man...

Well my next final isn't until Tuesday so I got a lil time to post sumthin'. This song is what happens when G.O.O.D. music artists (literally and figuratively) come together. KanYe, Malik Yusef, John Legend and Common all on the same track?! Are you kidding? I don't think I need to say anymore, check it out and enjoy...

Grab It Here:
Magic Man by Kanye West & Malik Yusef f. John Legend & Common

Patience Is A Virtue...

Man give me a couple more days and this site will be back in full force. I appreciate y'all being patient, just stick with us. In a couple days this site will be back to its 110% dope self, giving you the best and newest music early, I promise. It's been soooooo long since I hit y'all with a goodnight post and this a great way to start it back up. This is a Must Download. This is a great song by Mos Def to vibe out to and drift off into one of those ResonantDreams, trust me, you will zone out to this one.......

Grab It Here:
Say You Will (Kanye West Cover) (Live @ The Blue Note) by Mos Def

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

*Ding Ding*

Just droppin' in to give y'all some more new Wayne. It's another nice joint where he's just spittin' like a retard (name that line). It also features Kevin Rudolf on the singing vocals, check it out and enjoy...

Grab It Here:
Facelift by Lil Wayne f. Kevin Rudolf


Man first of all I wanna give a big shout out to Wonda who has been treating this site like some shoulder pads (name that line) for the past few weeks. I really appreciate that and I'm sure those who come to the site do too. I will be back posting on the regular next week so the ResDreams Team will be back in full effect soon.

Ok, now if you haven't downloaded that new Big Sean mixtape yet just scroll down this page a lil bit and pick that up. It is a must download. Here is a track that was on the tracklisting for the mixtape but somehow wasn't on the mixtape, if that makes sense? Anyway it's here now and just like the rest of the mixtape it's good like God with an extra O (name that line)...

Grab It Here:
Okay by Big Sean f. GLC & Chip Tha Ripper

**Bonus***(If Wonda can put up a baby pic that relates to his song post then damnit so can I)*

Man I haven't posted in so long that I had to throw up more than one track, it wouldn't feel right if I didn't. Here is a new joint off of Don Cannon's upcoming mixtape. Lil Wayne goes in on this one and the beat has a nice old-school Run-DMC feel to it, check it out...

Grab It Here:
Fix My Hat by Lil Wayne

**Double Bonus**
Yes that is the President and yes he is giving dap to his wife, wanna fight about it? (name that cartoon) Who came up with the word dap anyway? I mean what implies tha.......nevermind, I would be here all day if I kept talking about this and then there would be no song for you to download. So I apologize......

Here's something new from Moon Man or as he's more commonly known, KiD CuDi. Dude is blowing up and I Poke Her Face is easily one of the top songs of 09, so check out his latest work below...

Grab It Here:
Daps & Pounds by KiD CuDi

Monday, April 20, 2009

Funkmaster Funkmaster Funkmaster Flex...

whenever i hear of a Triple F (Funkmaster Flex Freestyle) i always think of that one Jay-Z session with flex (i think it was that Dear Summer Freestyle)with all them damn Funkmaster Flex drops...shits classic

Drizzy Drake Rogers...took over New York this past week, and here's a nice lil' freestyle he did on the Flex Show

shouts to illRoots for the X-clusive

Grab It 

A Gangsta Lullaby...

courtesy of Tyga man and Little Wayne....

this song is

sideBAR: i'm not sure if that's Tyga singing, but i love the way he sings "lay you...lay you...down" 

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Wheely Shit

Ye' said he came up with this on some silly shit...

So here is a silly

I'm categorizing this as conscious rap with a bit of humor

the KanYe we all know

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Kinda Like A Big Deal

Gotta give DJ Khalil props on the's ill...

Track is hot!

Ye' says some funny-ish..."what happened Tisha did ya boi cum-fast?" lol

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Surprise...Surprise... has dropped


well not quite
i'm still downloadin' the mixtape as i post it...
shouts to 2DBz though...shit should be TIGHT!

*Correction, this shit IS tight, some of the best work of '09. sideBAR: Love Story is amazing*

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Can you get any smoother than this track?

i think not...

lesson of the day:
Don't Come Between Devin and His Trees!

check this one out yall, it features the artist formerly known as B.o.B. 
Bobby Ray

"Baby what's yo' disposition..."

"...have you eva tried this position???"
     LOL at Mr. West

    i had to capitalize that part because of the way Ye' said it, really emotional...i luv it...

KanYe's verse is nice and the rest of the song is straight...
looks like Miss Teairra Marie will be makin' a comebak...

Grab It

Cassie...what have you done to yourself?

What THEE Fuck!

goodness...the new-do is about as bad as this song with her and The-Dream
gosh...i hope Diddy didn't put her up to this bullshit...

I apologize for the explicit language but i don't think yall understand...i used to love this girl

anyways...grab it here (no enthusiasm)

sideBar: the song isn't that bad i just ain't feelin it

U know big sean...right?

well if ya don't you need to cuz his mixtape...
UKNOWBIGSEAN dropping today courtesy of Mick Boogie

here are two joints from the mixtape

he raps over Rollin' with sort of a KiD CuDi flow
and he jumps on Say You Will to talk that real shit...Bold

Grab Em:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Listen to the Guitar...

the great thing about this song is the guitar in the very smooth beat...

simple notes...but maaaaan does it hit em' with jus the right touch

not to mention it's by one of my favorite R&B artists... 

Bobby V.

Grab It

WOW! this is incredibly SWEET...don't u agree?

From the very first second this song came ears told my brain that this would be somethin incredibly bissful...
     my ears don't lie man...they don't lie...

sideBar: i really loved the first Rmx with Joe Budden, Murs & 88-Keys...when i saw that there was a second one with Weezy on it i thought to myself. "there's no way they can top the first one..."

but they did...

Sunday, April 12, 2009


okay...this track starts out very epicly (is that a word? i don't care)...then it picks up almost awkwardly...i almost didn't like this track...but i gave it a few seconds and began to really feel the emotion that Nasir was comin' with...very nice (borat tone)...

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I'm so tall...word to drizzy

lol at big ol' georgy...

anyways...had to give drizzy a shout cuz if yall didn't already know...that dude is i look fully up to him when we together jus' to talk to him...(n' thas why we neva togetha lol)...

but this is my favorite track off the new ChesterFrench & Clinton Sparks's hot...Bun Bizzle...Talib Kwizzle & Mickey Fizzle...all come correct...(as u can see i'm on my izzle tip today)

Grab It

It's your birthday girl!!...LET's Have SEX!!!...YESS!!! lol

This song is hot...plain and simple, i been hearin' the original for awhile and been askin' everybody who sang it and no one ever has an answer for me...if this remix hadn't a dropped i might have never known lol...

Grab It 

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Here goes the much antisipated song by Ricky the Boss Ross ft Ye Wayne and Pain..You should already know that this track is strait fire..check it out and download it for your own sake..

Maybach Music 2 by Rick Ross ft Kayne West, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Memph-Bleek sighting...

Yup Memphis is back...horraay!

     naw...not really
i'm not much of a fan of Bleek-man...he jus' doesn't do it for me...hopefully he does it for yall though...

infact...i'm not even gonna post a picture of him...
     i know i know...very bogus of me...but i don't give a
     i'm not even gonna take time to upload it to zShare...i'm jus gonna take 2DBz

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I Poke Her Face (CDQ)

courtesy of KanYe's Blog...good lookin' Ye'...

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beyonce? Kanye West?

IMO...this song pretty much sux...i mean see these two names and you are expectin' a whole lot more (kinda like when you see that Jay-Z, Usher, & Pharrell are on a track..."Anything" anybody? lol word to Drizzy)

but hey atleast Mr. West gives a shout out to ResDreams...he spits the line in our header...again

"coulda let the dream killers kill my self esteem...but used to the arrogance as a steam to power my dreams"

(i know it's a stretch) but....

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Say it isn't true...

SideBAR: Warning: this is real mothachuckin' soulful...

(how the hell do you start off a post with a sidebar? lol)

ok. so everytime i saw Bobby Creekwater's name i just passed on his songs cuz i didn't feel like downloadin' somebody i didn't boy Stavone (he made me give him credit lol) finally told me Bobby Creekwater is pretty tight so i gave this song a chance when i saw it...

glad i did...let's jus' say i'm glad i did...

and you can be too...
when you...

Grab It


No. not T-Pain's 2nd Album...
It's the Remix of Chrisette Michelle's track featuring Rick Ross & Juelz Santanna

I really like this it...that is all (copyright Drizzy)

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POKE-her face! NOW!

LOL at the title

   now first off

This is HORRIBLY STUPID QUALITY...(and i made that clear in the song i.d. tags) but this sounds like it is gonna be a true banger...very fresh, i'm really feelin' it from what i heard so far, plus it's G.O.O.D MUSIC BABY...i'm talkin Cudi, Ye' and unCommon

Grab It

Wale pronounced

i had to make the pronunciation clear because i swear to you guys until about 2 weeks ago i used to call this guy in the Free Willy type

Now to the song...
    this shit is So-So-So-So-So-So nice...the beat and the way he flows on it sound like a match made in heaven...this one is for the freaks...(in the words of drake) "U know who U are!" LOL

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At Most He's Just...

     (pardon me guys...i'm pondering)

     (thought finalized)

i'm not sure but i think i'm getting bored of Charles Hamilton...i mean...i like to listen to his beats i know that for sure (love the way he chops up his sampls)...but sometimes i don't think he's talking about a damn thing (and most of his choruses annoy the hell outta me)'s aight tho' i still fux wit him...

download his new mixtape...

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All the Way Live: Mr. Hudson

Mr. Hudson...Live at SXSW with KanYe West...i like how Mr. H' thinks outside the box with his music...that let's you know that even though there have been billions of songs made...there is still always something to talk about...and Mr. Ye' kicks a verse in that he messes up (again lol) but he saves it with a nice lil' freestyle

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Presenting: Beautiful

i been lookin' at the picture for the last couple days...
there's jus' somethin about it...

and that's why i'm creating this new section titled: Beautiful
it's kind of on a Ye' blog tip...
but less pornagraphic...
jus' focusing on the beauty that life give us....